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A Top-Rated Temp Agency in Madison

Whether you need a reliable temp agency in Madison or long-term staffing solutions, Employment Agencies Madison is the company to call. We’ve been helping companies in the Midwest meet their staffing needs economically and efficiently.

We have a trained workforce and can maintain your staffing needs, even during times of high turnover or dramatic growth. We help fill positions in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, industrial, clerical, and technical.

Looking for a Madison Temp Agency?

Contact us if you’re interested in joining our talented pool of applicants. By applying with us, you will have opportunities for immediate employment. You can try out different types of jobs by going out on temporary assignments to help you gain valuable experience and decide what type of career suits you and your skill set best.

Using our Madison temp agency by applying as a temporary employee at Employment Agencies Madison, you’ll have access to our free computer training, free career counseling, and the chance to apply for college scholarships. We have a temp-to-hire program for applicants wishing for permanent placement.

Why Work at Employment Agencies Madison?

There are several reasons to work for Employment Agencies Madison, including the following:

  • There is the possibility of immediate employment.
  • You can work in a variety of jobs as you learn what career suits you best.
  • You will learn Microsoft Word®, Excel®, Access®, and PowerPoint® at the Life Style Learning Center (free training provided to all employees).
  • When you find a company and a job you know you want to stay with, we can help you go from temporarily to permanently employed.

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