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Employment Agencies Madison: FAQ

Can you help my company determine what our future hiring needs will be?

We are experienced in helping companies create long-term hiring strategies so you won’t be left in a lurch and understaffed at the wrong time of year. We help you implement these strategies and plan for a streamlined, on-site workforce management program that takes the stress out of hiring and staffing.

We need temporary employees who are committed and hardworking. Can you help us?

Yes. Our hiring process involves several levels of screening, ensuring that the most motivated individuals make it onto your team. For over 40 years we have been placing temporary employees in companies and we know what it takes to make them valuable, contributing members of the company.

Can you help our company cut expenses and extra costs associated with a constantly changing workforce?

We have several strategies to cut costs, reduce hiring expenses, and keep up with required staffing economically. We have been helping companies in the Midwest save money on hiring, staffing, taxes, training, and more since 1973.

Do you offer staffing solutions for jobs in the manufacturing industry?

Yes, we have a specialized on-site workforce program we have created to serve the manufacturing and industrial workforce. By hiring our private label workforce services, you can get the trained staffing solutions you need.

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